Roller Shells

Roller Shells for Sugar Mills

Roller Shells are used in the sugar industry (grinding mills) for extracting sugarcane juice.

Features and Applications of Roller Shells in Sugar Manufacturing Units:
•  Made of wear-resistant steel
•  Adheres to international standards
•  Eliminates problems of re-absorption of juice in bagasse
•  Reduces bagasse moisture
•  Produced according to the specified capacity of the machine
•  Covered by warranty

Types of Roller Shells used in the Sugar Industry:
•  Corrugated Roller Shells-Ideal for providing resistance against slipping
•  Dimpled Roller Shells -These increase surface friction for better division of elements of the raw material
•  Perforated Roller Shells -These are used formaximum extraction of cane juice, so that the level of output is not reduced
•  Other types Top, Bottom and underfeed Roller Shells

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