Motor & Gear Box

Motors and Gear Boxes for Sugar Mills

Motor and Gear Boxes are used for various applications in the sugar industry. The geared motors are used where the speed needs to be regulated.

Features and Applications of Motors and Gear Boxes in Sugar Manufacturing
•  Motor ratings range from 0.5 K.W to 2000 K.W
•  Speed of the motors range from 750 rpm to 10000 rpm depending upon the application
•  Voltage rating starts from lowest to 11 K.V and above
•  Approved by International Electrotechnical Commission
•  Water-cooled for eliminating the element of heat
•  IP 55 protection in sugar motor provides complete protection of motors against dust and foreign bodies, as well as protection against jets of water, and electrical surge
•  Applications vary from mill section to cane preparation, cooling tower,boiling house etc.

Types of Gear Boxes used in the Sugar Industry •  High efficient planetary gear box
•  Dual tandem gear box
•  Helical gear box

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