Conveyor Chains

Conveyor Chains for Sugar Mills

Conveyor chains are designed for facilitating the transfer of goods in a line; without causing delays in the production schedules. Conveyor roller chains are used in sugar manufacturing concerns for moving raw material in between the stages of production.

Features and Applications of Conveyor Chains in Sugar Manufacturing
•  Made from special grade steel
•  The links are heat-treated and hardened for superior performance and wear resistance
•  Strong and wear resistance for handling material
•  Helps in processing raw material involved in sugar manufacturing faster
•  Used for carrying sugar bags in sugar mills

Types of Conveyor Chains used in the Sugar Industry
•  Bagasse Carrier Chain -Used to feed bagasse to the boiler or storage point
•  Drop Forged Chain - Ideal for feeding canes in the cane washing sections
•  Fabricated Rake Carrier Chain - These are made of stainless steel, which prevents its corrosion
•  Inter Carrier Chain - A versatile chain used in all the processes, making the work in sugar mills convenient
•  Sugar Bag Stacker Chain -Because of their high speed, these chains exhibit higher efficiencies than the others

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